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lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

#2012 Flyer Design Job: Australian based Roof Restoration Business needs a Presentation Flyer

David Torres     lunes, marzo 23, 2015     0

Job Type
Flyer Design
Task Outline

  • Create a Flyer Design
Task Description
We need a presentation flyer for a newly established, modern, professional and premium Roof Restoration business.

The look we are going for is an ultra modern, yet professional and premium roof restoration service people can trust. The presentation flyer should allow the customer to follow a consultant as he explains to the customer, the process step-by-step, exactly how we will restore their roof (obtain from VS_RR_Copy), previous jobs completed, before and after photos, testimonials, and finally a colour chart allowing the customer to select which colour they would like their roof painted in.

The presentation flyer should ideally be set as a 4pp A4 (A3 when opened)

Front cover - Logo, font, pictures (please obtain logo and font from
Inside front cover - The restoration process (similar as set out in attachment)
Inside back cover - The before and after photos of restorations completed, Gutter Guard photos, and testimonials.
Back Cover - Colour chart for customers selection, and company contact details.
Fonts Styles to Use
Sans Serif
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Target Market(s)
Home owners with older roofs that need to be restored.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Colors selected by the customer to be used in the design:

Must Have:
- "10 year warranty"
- Contact details:
- Telephone - 1300 667 499
- Address 4/2 Fiveways Blvd, Keysborough VIC 3173

Nice to Have:
- Modern picture/icon-buttons for the process.

Why should I restore my roof –
There are a number of key reasons why customers repair or restore their roofs. These include:
To prevent leaks and potential structural damage
To repair broken or loose tiles as a result of the harsh natural elements
To improve the appearance and aesthetics of not just the roof, but the whole house
To increase the value of the home, often resulting in a greater resale price

How does a roof restoration add value to your house -
Your roof is a major structure of your home and one of the main elements that determines how your house looks. An old tired roof will make your entire house look old, while a fully restored roof will instantly make your whole home look new and appealing to the eye. It can add tens of thousands of dollars of value to the price of your home.

The Process

Initial roof inspection  -
A 33-point roof inspection is carried out to determine the best course of action to take when it comes to making your roof look and feel like new again, and to identify any weak spots and leaks.

High pressure roof clean – 
Using highly pressurised water (4,500psi) we remove all moss, lichens and dirt from your roof without using any harsh chemicals that may harm your garden or pets. 

Replace any cracked, chipped or broken tiles – 
As your roof ages, tiles will crack, chip and break. Tiles will also weaken over time. Weakened tiles will break after being exposed to the force of the high pressure roof clean, allowing us to replace all but the strongest tiles.

Full re-bedding – 
What is bedding? 
Bedding is a sand and cement mixture that we use as a foundation to hold ridge caps and gable tiles to your roof. We then use coloured flexible pointing on top of the bedding.

We remove all the old and deteriorated bedding, realign all ridge-capping, and apply our exclusive bedding compound. 

Full re-pointing – 
What is flexible pointing?
Flexible pointing is a rubberised compound that is applied on top of the bedding. The pointing is then smoothed out to give your ridge-caps a sharp, finished look. Because the pointing is flexible, it won't crack like conventional cement pointing with house movements. This gives your roof great longevity.

After the bedding compound has set, we apply our specialisedFlexipointto seal all the ridge-caps and give the roof a sharp finish.

Valley iron replacement - 
Rusted valley irons cause leaks. If the valley irons on your roof are rusted, we can replace them with ColorBond valley irons, ensuring a long life for your new valley irons. In most cases, we will re-bed and point the valleys with cement and flexible pointing, but we also use a new foam product called Valley Seal underneath the valley tiles.

Four Coat Roofing Process

Mouldrid Coat-
The roof and guttering are rinsed off, and are treated with a coating of a anti-fungal biocide to inhibit mould and moss growth.

Primabond Coat-
Primer is a substance that is applied to the washed cement roof tiles. The primer soaks and bonds into the tiles, giving them extra strength. Primer on tiles also makes a great base for sealer to adhere to. Primer on tiles also makes a great base for sealer to adhere to.

Coloured resin coat - 
The coloured coating we use for your roof is a coloured acrylic resin that is made with the highest quality German resin-enamel produced by paint specialists Rohm and Haas. This coat has been proven to last over 25 years and is highly UV resistant. It is the best water-based product on the market. 2-3 coats of this are applied to ensure any crevices are adequately filled, giving a smooth look and feel to your roof.

Thermo-ceramic Membrane topcoat -
The final coat, or topcoat, your roof receives is with a sophisticated roofing membrane that seals the entire colour system in. It also allows flexibility without cracking the top surface, allowing long lasting protection from the harsh elements the Australian environment is known for.  It also has micro-ceramic particles that allow heat reflection from the roofs surface, meaning your house remains cooler and more energy efficient.


Los Diseñadores Gráficos deben de enviar su propuesta de 24 a 48 Hrs en formato PSD, PNG y PDF a nuestro E-Mail: 

Ganador del Concurso

Carve Graphics  $30 Dolares + Bono Cash $10


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