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martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

#2013 The book's title is: Grandma, What is God Like?

David Torres     martes, marzo 24, 2015     1

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Christian Book Cover


The book's title is: Grandma, What is God Like?

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We produce learning and training materials for Christian audiences.



Detalles del contenido


This book is designed for mid-level readers age 9-13. It is a collection of stories about an 80-year old grandmother teaching her 10-year old grandson about spiritual life using illustrations from he life on the farm. For example, the dog whistle that makes no sound; the wind on a toy sailboat; cleaning up after the dog makes a mess or the consequences of stealing cookies from the cookie jar in the middle of the night.
The cover should not be overly busy and should depict a rural setting such as a farm. In the story she lives in a white farm house with a pasture, a pond, a nearby woods and a family dog named Luke.
The title and text should be editable so the publisher can make changes, i.e., the graphic image and the text should be separate filed.
The spline will carry the name of the book and the author.
The picture from the front of the book can carry over to the back. The size of the book is expected to be about 5" X 8" so the image should be just a little larger than this.
We are open to creative ideas, so don't feel constrained by this description.
The working title is: "Grandma, What is God Like?"
The target purchaser will be a mother or grandmother that wants her children (grandchildren) to understand more about God.

Ganador del Concurso

Dalim ...  $45 Dolares + Bono Cash $10

Los Diseñadores Gráficos deben de enviar su propuesta de 24 a 48 Hrs en formato PSD, PNG y PDF a nuestro E-Mail: 

Idococorp: ha elegido a los diseñadores con los que quiere seguir trabajando. Ya no se aceptan más propuestas, 28/03/2015.


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